The August-September Event

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The August-September Event Empty The August-September Event

Post by Vekra on Fri Aug 30, 2013 2:19 pm

I hear everyone saying that this is a terrible event, however, is it really that bad?
-You can get an evoluter
-You can get digiaura
-You can get a shop
This all comes from T.K. boxes that can be dropped from level THREE Digimon. Plus, the coins are received every hour instead of in 2 hours or more.
These coins can be used for fruits, evoluters, a burst mode items, and a backupdisk.
The eggs might not be good, but you can get so many evoluters from T.K. boxes


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The August-September Event Empty Re: The August-September Event

Post by Funkylaurens on Sat Aug 31, 2013 1:31 pm

I don't know ,I realy like the event
the funniest thing I find is that my friend wanted digiaura and never gets it (I do get alot of aura's)
and I wanted evo's and also almost never get it ,and he have alot of it

anyway ,like I hear I'm Lucky ,but a bit to much ,I got every 15 boxes 1-2 aura's ._.
I do get it alot ,and I don't hunt alot of t.k boxes

and maybe they find it bad becuz evolution was worth much money ,now much people (even low) are getting them in no-time ,that makes people sell it less

And maybe because the event items aren't that good (I mean from coins)
I don't like the items either

but yeah ,I still like the event! It makes me more train (to hunt some t.k boxes)
but not alot xD ,mostly I quest now


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